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Vigilante High Definition Whether its a web video, commercial, or instructional video, we can help achieve your objectives. VigilanteHD is a New York video production company specializing in providing high quality video services. VigilanteHD uses cutting edge technology and the top creative minds in the business. Our goal is to provide clients with high quality web videos quickly and efficiently.

Sifting through service providers can be a huge hassle, and just the nature of video production can be riddled with back and forth. Here at VigilanteHD, we make it as easy as possible to get clean, professionally made videos on your web site. New York video production has been booming in the past few months! VigilanteHD has been working hard to create realistic web video production packages for local and national companies.

Many have been capitalizing of our high quality and high speed delivery of original internet video content. Using video for their webpage, Youtube sites, and Facebook. Content driven video production allows companies to yield more from their online marketing and build client interaction.

read more › VigilanteHD was formed in July of 2010. The concept behind our company was to bring high quality and affordable video production services to the New York area. Since the inception, we have made it our goal to provide the very best in video production to our clients. Our emphasis has shifted heavily towards web video development in which we create videos to help promote and raise awareness of our client's products and services. Tony Segreto graduated from Binghamton University with a BFA in Cinema Studies in 2008.

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