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Waterloo Films It's your once-in-a-lifetime dream come true! And from "Will you marry me?" to "I do, " Waterloo Films will tell your wedding story and preserve your memories through the lens of talented veteran videographer Jorge Flores. With an eye for even the smallest details of every aspect of your wedding, Jorge's commitment to perfectly capturing each magic moment artistically and authentically is characteristic of this high-quality boutique videography firm.

Waterloo Films' finished products showcase Jorge's passion, expertise and creative genius in videography, capturing the emotion and grandeur of the event from the perspective of his side of the camera lens - ensuring for couples that his chronicling of this life-changing event on film is nothing short of perfection.

His professionalism, interspersed with his creativity and enthusiasm for his craft, allows Jorge to fulfill his commitment to creating a lifelong memory on film that meets and exceeds the expectations of his clients.Many have described his wedding films as "like a movie, " with specially selected music, candid scenes and often-overlooked special moments that cannot be replicated that the bride and groom might otherwise never have seen.
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