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Our mission is to meet our customer's needs, helping and guiding, with as much flexibility as budget, time and equipment will allow. Always going the extra mile to produce an affordable, quality and effective video. Whether it is a treasured memory to share and keep forever, or a commercial tool to record, advertise, inform, instruct or demonstrate.

New Creation Video Productions is here to serve you, your family & friends, organization or business.

read more › The first is based on a "systematic build" and is quotable "up front" at a rate of normally between $2.50 to $4.00 per photograph depending on the amount of animation applied to the images during the build, and typically runs at about 10 photo's per minute depending upon the music selection. The second is a custom build which really is not quotable up front, because of the unknown build time. A "systematic build" basically means: the customer provides the images (photographs) in a numbered order, along with the desired music, and New Creation Video will put it all together for the customer.

read more › Now the videos have been delivered to the school a $10 shipping charge has been added to the DVD and Blu-ray price. The price will drop back to $30 for DVD and $35 for Blu-ray during the next choir performance that NCVP records. 1 - Choose the type of video you want to purchase (Blu-ray or DVD). 2 - Choose the show day/date. 3 - Enter the shipping address. 4 - Enter any special instructions or comments. You can change the quantity here if you want. NOTE - $10 will be charged for shipping if your order comes in after the videos are delivered to the school.

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