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Poco Productions provides high quality video productions. Along with the videotaping I also include story and script ideas as well as the video editing and online distribution. My ultimate goal is to help you the client to succeed by capturing your best impression for future clients or friends to see. My videography process begins by listening to your story and making suggestions to come up with the best video presentation possible.

Then I research and we brainstorm to create a first draft script. After your input, we do a final rewrite to refine your message. Then we have the foundation for a productive video recording session to create a video that concisely describes who you are and what you can do to help others with your services.

Then I inspire and encourage you while you're in front of camera to take advantage of the power of video to capture the attention of viewers and to convey your message on your Website, YouTube and other online Video media sites.We cater to the needs of small businesses, and our goal is to a create state-of-the-art video at a reasonable cost for those who want have web video presence.

My passion for photography began as a young man in the deserts of Arizona. There I learned to see, compose, experiment, edit, and refine my craft. For me, videography became a natural extension of photography and both became a way of seeing and understanding the world around me. I always had a passion to make movies and, I was able to complete one during

Proven professional with more than 28 years experience in the broadcasting industry organizing, shooting and completing international and domestic video EFP and ENG projects used for immediate broadcast, public relations, fund raising, and motivational purposes. Seasoned abilities managing people on site to ensure performance and timely completion of

Prices can be a touchy subject because each project is different, and each takes a certain amount of time to finish. Often I will answer the question, "How much is a video?" with $48 an hour. This will include a free consultation, followed by research which is asking you, the owner detailed questions on what you do, who do you want to reach, how do

In today's competitive Real Estate Market videos are becoming the tool to create an advantage to best advertise and communicate your property. It begins with a two minute video tour room by room, and when this is put to music, it can give a potential buyer or investor the needed information to make a decision. Another advertising tool is a three minute

Website videos are the future of the internet. Having a Website video combines sight, sound, motion and emotion to create an empathetic trust in you and your product. Quality edited videos allow a viewer to see you as a real person who's working hard at your craft. The videos will improve your exposure and enable prospective clients to trust you, and

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