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Motionpost is a Chicago full service video production company offering producing, directing, video editing, production, motion graphics, audio recording and editing for all of your video production needs. Whether it's a Chicagoland video production, out of state, or even out of the country, we are ready to put your video message in motion.

From corporate videos, PR and special events, advertising and marketing videos, podcasts, webinars and beyond, motionpost is your partner in strategic video production, helping you with your creative storytelling.A production house for all your video and motion graphic needs. Working with you to tell your story, motionpost is your creative video communications partner.

When temperatures are 30 degrees or below, the first thing that you think of is jumping in icy cold water, right? Well, that's just one of the "would you rather" questions we asked people on the streets in Chicagoland recently. And to no surprise, the choice was to. There was bustling activity all around them, so it was crucial for the athletes to stay focused.

read more › We at motionpost love video production. It's been a part of our lives since we directed our first video during our school years. We love sharing our creative talents, setting your strategic message in motion. We are video editors, videographers, motion graphic artists, directors and producers - your complete Chicago video production company for local and national video productions. It all comes down to storytelling; collaboration is key. Ed's clients rely on him to bring their ideas to life. Projects such as the Emmy-nominated children's television program "Jack's Big Music Show" and the Emmy-winning web series "FilmFellas, " are two examples of teamwork in the edit suite.

read more › We know everyone is walking around with a camera in their pocket these days. But they don't have the professional camera work and creative eye that our videographers at motionpost have. Every successful video production starts with true talent behind the lens. Shooting HD and Four K video, our Chicago videographers capture the moments that are important to your company and to your message. We are available to shoot locally in Chicago and surrounding areas, as well as out of state and internationally.

read more › Video editing takes skill and creativity. It's more than just editing one shot after another. There are layers of video, video effects, audio recording and editing, and graphics that all add up to a professionally produced video. Experience is what you are looking for in the editing suite or at an on location edit. Motionpost has that experience and creativity to work with you as a team to edit your video on time and on budget.

read more › Motionpost is your live video streaming expert for production and distribution nationally and internationally. Instant communication and interactive video has never been more exciting! The possibilities of reaching your audience are endless. As an IBM Video Partner, be assured your video event is being seen by your target audience in the most reliable way. Motionpost will work within your budget, offering different tiers of streaming services ranging from single camera to multiple angles. Interested in streaming your event?

read more › Scriptwriting is an art form, and motionpost has those artists available to put your words in motion. From initial concept to rough draft to final script, your story keeps evolving until your message is ready to be heard and seen. Our experienced video directors and video producers will keep the script in hand and will make it come to life. It is a complete team effort, working with you to produce an original and creative video for your audience.

read more › You've made it to the best part of the website! Whether it's corporate or kid videos, and everything in between, we have a wide range of video productions to look through. Take your time and watch some sample videos, then give us a call! We look forward to discussing how we can move your video message. When someone says "corporate video, " unfortunately, many adjectives can come to mind, from boring to dated. When motionpost works on corporate videos, they are anything but. We know you have an important message for that employee in the next room or around the globe.

read more › One of Molex's core values is to have a healthy and active workforce. They recently were one of the sponsors of the Chicago Marathon. With their sponsorship, they had a booth at the runners kick off convention where this video played highlighting what Molex is all about, and how they are a part of our everyday life. Hospital Engagement, Action and Leadership Public is a public affairs initiative to reduce the effects of gun violence in Chicago. Senator Durbin and Jasculca Terman partnered with motionpost to create this eye opening video to spark conversations at the launch event.

read more › There's lots of competition in the hotel industry. Our client wanted to showcase their Boston hotel to locals, giving them the idea that a staycation can be just as enjoyable as leaving town. This enticing video edited by motionpost really shows the beauty of their hotel. Running on local Chicago suburban cable, this commercial showcases many amenities the Oak Brook area offers. Motionpost was given the footage to edit a fun and inviting piece to explore the area. This PSA was a fun project to be a part of with the Special Olympics of Illinois.

read more › Pulling together studio and b-roll footage, motionpost was a part of this marketing piece for Renaissance, highlighting insurance products for potential clients. Taradash Law is a family business in McHenry County, Illinois with a long history of success. We edited this marketing piece to help introduce them to new markets. Motionpost partnered with Balanced Flow Wellness on this explainer video. We created this "clipart" style animation to show how effective regenerative medicine can be at reducing patients pain.

read more › Pelstar designs and manufactures one of the most recognizable medical weight scale product lines in the Americas. Motionpost wrote, produced, directed and edited this image piece to help with Pelstar's efforts to expand its markets in Europe and Asia. We also translated it to Spanish to further support South American sales. This video was designed to play on a busy convention floor. The video would loop on a monitor in the booth as a way to draw people in for more information on their product. We partnered with Molex to create the 3D Models, created all the on screen graphics and edited the complete product video.

read more › The Polar Plunge is one of the biggest fundraisers for Special Olympics of Illinois, and definitely the coldest. Each year they need to get the word out for plungers to sign up and donate. At motionpost, we jumped right in! We wrote, shot and edited several videos to be used over different social media platforms and broadcast television. The key was to have several videos available to post to keep up the awareness and encourage signing up to plunge or to donate. Here is just one of those pieces.

read more › 1. wine steward. Somm Madness brings together the nation's sommelier community for a blind tasting tournament. We edited highlight video from this energetic event to show viewers what took place at the tournament. Too bad if you missed out on all this great wine! For this Global Management meeting we created all the motion graphics for the led panels and choreographed the walls to create this dynamic presentation. Please note, there is no audio due to the proprietary subject matter. Even with the nations most popular sports video game and the world's largest video game company, public relations marketing events are a vital part of getting the word out about a new product release.

read more › Digital video production has changed the way we teach and learn in higher education settings. Beyond the bricks and mortar, our educational video productions reach hundreds of students online and within the classroom. Choose Chicago wanted to get their message out to all their stakeholders, even if they could not attend the live event. Motionpost partnered with Choose Chicago to shoot and edit their annual meeting. Motionpost partnered with New Group Media and Notre Dame to bring this informational presentation to new students at Notre Dame.

read more › We are living in the age of viral videos which makes video marketing crucial for a successful overall marketing campaign. Videos give you creative freedom to get the message of your company or organization out there and connect to your target audience. If you want to create a video for your company or organization in Naperville, IL, Motionpost can help. We are a full-service video production company that can help businesses, nonprofits, and organizations craft a video that effectively relays their core message.

read more › Video marketing has become a major part of digital marketing strategies for companies, nonprofits, schools, and other institutions because it allows you to relay your message to your audience in a unique way. Through video, you can do anything from a detailed how-to about one of your products to an introductory video explaining what your company or organization is all about. Our team at Motionpost provides complete video production services in Schaumburg, IL to help you craft your video message to your audience.

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