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Own Listing We at Own Listing realized that the entire real estate industry is lagging far behind in the modern era. The same floorplan technology that was used by our founding fathers is still being used today. The same umbrella of listing sites are still dominant when the marketplace has never been so free and both agents and homeowners are enslaved by unnecessary showings when the technology is available to give them maximum efficiency.

Our interactive 3D models will shrink every centimeter of your home into a 3D dollhouse size, so that potential buyers can get to know your home even more intimately than you before asking to see it. Our Home Photography and Videography will boost the professionalism of your listings and display your home with the quality it deserves. Our elevated photography will capture every aspect of your property with a good ol' American Eagle's Birds Eye View.

And, since we are so passionate about modernizing your listings so that you can close in this century - ALL OF OUR SERVICES COME WITH THESE TOOLS to display your homes new media FOR FREE!:

read more › In the year 2015, we are blessed with effective new technologies that can significantly increase your chances of getting a quick closing on your home listing. Unfortunately, many aspiring home sellers are kept in the dark about these technologies by a dated system of real estate brokers, agents and other dinosaurs trying to maintain the status quo - so that they don't have to invest any more of their commission checks towards bringing a swift close. Whether you're planning to use an agent or sell your home on your own- understanding that 90% of buyers start their search online and 46% finding the home they eventually purchase online- isn't it worth to have all the latest technology tools to attract buyers in today's mobile market?

read more › Our professional photographer will capture every aspect of your home and we will present these high-quality pics on our site, your site, Craigslist, Zillow and on both the social media pages we create for you and our own. Receive 4 times the amount of inquiries, save time and money with showings and sell your home 30% faster than homes without video. Our videographer will create a professional walkthrough video that will capture every aspect of your home and will be showcased on our site, your site, Craigslist, Zillow and on both the social media pages we create for you and our own.

read more › Works as a virtual tour of your home, with pictures, videos, details and all the information they need. Now you can be sure that the people coming to physically view your home are seriously interested buyers. We post your site to Zillow and Craigslist with any of the supportive media that you purchase. We create and utilize all the important social media tools so that your listing is up to date and can reach thousands of more prospective buyers. Facebook Page, Youtube Page, Instagram, Pinterest and we use our own social media accounts to promote your home.

read more › Own Listing's 3D Home Model is our most technologically advanced product. This service is truly AMAZING! With this service, you will get a completely interactive 3D Model of your home. Just imagine what it would look like to compact every centimeter of your home into a miniature version that fits into your computer, cell-phone or tablet screen. Or just scroll down to see for yourself! 3. Our professional 3D Model technician comes to your home and works his magic in about 2-4 hours depending on the size of your home.

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