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We are a Phoenix video production company for businesses, brands, marketing, and LIVE production. Two Second Media is a video production company located in Phoenix, AZ. Our clients bring us in because they are tired of low quality production that simply does not produce results. In some cases, our clients want to move their marketing to the next level.

At the end of the day, our clients simply want to grow their business, and they need the support to do so. While we are a video production company, we go far beyond just hitting record on a camera and giving you a video file. You see, we don't just expect you to tell us a video to produce or live broadcast services that you need. We come together with you and strategize with creative services that can help your brand or event succeed.

What sets Two Second Media apart is our perspective. We think like a small business, because we are a small business. We're always working like a start-up and playing like an underdog. We eat and breathe production efficiency so that we can offer the fastest - highest quality at the fairest pricing.

read more › First and foremost, I am a husband and a father. Candace and I have been married for almost 20 short years, and we have two beautiful daughters: Kylee 18 and Ashlyn 16. We live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, however, I was born and raised in Cleveland, TN. And even though the Valley of the Sun has been our home for years now, if I have a drink or two, you can find me sssllliiiddding back into my southern drawwww. I have been in video, media, marketing, and advertising for over 20 years now. It's a passion.

read more › Video production for marketing has been hugely successful for decades. Humans are visual in nature and have always had a huge attraction to video. This is why YouTube is the second most used search engine today, and quickly taking over Google for the number one slot. Video is worth the investment, period. Adding video to a landing page increases conversions by more than 80%. More than 8 out of 10 business that use video say they receive a direct ROI from their videos. We could go on and on with more stats, but these two stats alone should cause you to realize how important great video production is.

read more › LIVE Production simply means there is no editing done after the video is shot. Editing is done actually while the shoot is taking place, as we switch between multiple cameras, add graphics to the screen, mix audio, etc. It is actually the broadcast type that determines how the video will be delivered. OnDemand Broadcast - saves your video to your website, social media, etc. so that your audience can play it back at their convenience. Pay-Per-View Broadcast - which works very similar to pay-per-view on television, you set the price for your audience to view the video and it can either be Live Streaming or OnDemand.

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