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We are NOT your average Video Production Agency. We've been on Hollywood sound stages, shot network TV shows, documentaries, and feature films. Episode 11 Productions: a 4K Video Production Services Company in Charlotte, with Emmy-Winning experience, which creates cinematic videos, aerial shots, 3D-animations and corporate photography for clients such as MTV, 3M, McDonalds, FMC, OfficeMax and countless corporations.

We have Emmy-Winning experience. That's what makes us different, and that's why the companies below have trusted Episode 11 Productions for over 11 years. Call today 704-998-3711. Remember that Stanley Kubrick-style that grabbed you by the pants and made you believe that you were in the scene? We strive to produce that style. We bring the once-coveted 3D animation to corporate videos, and is now within the reach of companies who need to showcase products in 3D space.

We use visual psychological techniques for shooting all corporate photography shoots, including manufacturing, product, informational, and industrial processes.

Visual media workflows (Video, 3D Graphics, Photography) can be complex at times, but just like Albert Einstein said: "Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler". Somehow the video production industry never read this statement. Most believe that you must have a 20-person crew to accomplish something great-NOT TRUE. We have been on

Wouldn't it be great to develop a personal connection with a company genuinely interested in building a long term business-relationship? Our production team prides themselves not only in producing the highest quality videos, photography, and 3D imagery, but also on fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and building mutually beneficial relationships

I put my hands on a camera and everything changed. I absolutely loved shooting videos and taught myself the basics of composition, lighting, cameras movements and editing. It was quite a learning curve, but I stuck with it. I continued to shoot all through college while obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Economics, at the University of North Carolina

I was named after "Dolby Digital Sound". When I was picked up from the rescue facility, Episode 11 Productions wanted their Facebook friends on their company fan page to name me, and Dolby was the name that was chosen by the most people. I could have been a Hitchcock or a Blooper, but Dolby won in the end. I'm glad. I think I look like a Dolby. Dolby

Nobody will watch a film or video with bad sound. That's a fact. Sound is 50% of the production and it's my responsibility to capture that sound accurately and without external noise. It can be technical at times, but that's why I love it so much. If it's not possible to record good sound on set, I can always record in studio and modify the background

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