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Video done right, delivers results. Our approach gives each story the creative attention it deserves. We focus on getting to know you and your audience, to make videos that engage, inspire and motivate people to act. A good video partnership contains the formula to create more video content with less effort and resources. Our aim is to build a quality relationship of trust with every client we work with.

We begin with a conversation to clarify your needs, goals and what success would look like for the video project. Together we understand your target audience and clarify the core message the video needs to tell and the emotions it should evoke. We can explore a variety of creative ideas to tell the story right, while finding solutions that stay true to your investment decisions.

Not all videos require a written script, but they all need a clear story outline and we take one or both approaches as needed for your video project. The fun starts when the creative vision begins to unfold from production, to editing, graphics animation, audio mix and mastering.

read more › At J6 MediaWorks, our passion is to deliver videos that captivate your audience, inspire them to action and build trust in your brand. We are a team of highly experienced professionals who will manage the many components of your video project and make the process smooth and seamless for you. We strive to understand your organization in-depth, so we can be responsive to your communication goals and challenges. Our collective experience of creating high-quality videos spans more than 40 years. We have produced hundreds of videos that tell the unique stories of a wide range of clients and industries.

read more › For many organizations, creating new video content is becoming a fulltime activity. Whether communicating to customers or employees, adding video to the mix is a growing necessity. As a business engages more through online platforms, the need for video content also goes up. Partnering with a seasoned video producer who understands your company values, brand identity and the efforts you've made to build customer loyalty, can lighten the load of video production. Regardless of the types of video you need, at J6 MediaWorks, our goal is to get to know your organization in detail to make the process of creating engaging videos easy for you.

read more › Empathy is the key to success for non-profit organizations. People need to be educated about the plight that drives the non-profit. Fundraising and volunteerism can dramatically increase when a non-profit makes the connection with their audience and explains their "why". At J6 MediaWorks, we have helped many non-profit clients use the emotionally persuasive power of professionally produced video to increase awareness, build donor trust and tell their unique story. Using video to tell potential donors an emotionally charged story about why they should support your organization is the best way to move their hearts and minds to your cause.

read more › A landscape in which the need for quality video content is growing. Creating video content for this industry is not without specific challenges that include maintaining a video crew that is HIPPA trained and compliant. At J6 MediaWorks we have been working in this industry for a number of years, creating high quality video content for both internal and public facing communications. We produce videos in the active hospital, clinical and surgical environments while maintaining the strictest protocols required by our healthcare clients.

read more › When you're trying to learn something new, the last thing you want is dull or confusing content that just makes you want to tune out. Training videos don't need to be boring and you can use them to engage your colleagues and inspire real change in your business. Finding an emotional core is key to successful training. And scenario-based training videos are very effective for this. They use dramatic scenes to resonate with viewers emotionally and encourage them to imagine how they would respond to situations in the real world.

read more › They can bring concepts to life that static text or live video cannot. They can help to break down complex information, delivering a message simply and clearly. Whether it's a story about your product, your customers, or maybe even compliance changes, the main goal is to share a message that compels, persuades, and convinces your audience to take action. Talking heads are not always enough on their own to break through the clutter and provide a clear message. Motion graphics enhance the viewer experience.

read more › Though this technology is not new, streaming a live event, that was once a large in-person gathering, is becoming more relevant. It is still all about gathering your audience and speaking to them directly in real time. Is there a side benefit to the new challenges of social distancing? Our clients are finding that they can reduce the costs of the live events while expanding the reach and increasing the number of people who attend their events. Live event streaming is proving to be a perfect solution to replacing or augmenting the large events that were key to many of our client's development strategies.

read more › Edward is a filmmaker, writer, director and producer who has the eye of an artist. Ed filmed a program about my organization for Hallmark Channel and we had to be up before sunrise to get the light just right, and he was right. Edward's unique abilities and skills enabled him to turn an otherwise ordinary 5 minute video into a beautiful short film about the extraordinary students we serve. He was able to do this in a short time frame and the results far exceeded any of our expectations. I look forward to working with him on many future projects.

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