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We owe it to each other to relese our gift of imagination. In film, art, acting and music we all can learn to express and see the power we have in being human. Humans posess the greatest capacity to imagin. While working on the film we all had a lot of fun and all though it was a short film many hoiurs went into the preparation. Cindi Zanki is an artist whos love is filming and photographing people, places and music.

Her love of Rock and Roll photography has lead to making music videos and independent films in the past 5 years. Advancing in her education she has attended the New York film academy for 16mm film and the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale for digital film, Videography and being an Editor. In her pursuit of learning the craft of documentry film she has taken several opertunities to do interviews and photographs of classic rock bands and current events.

Expressing the many stories and visions of life and the people she encounters an independent film maker who has a love of preserving time in film.

read more › Valse Love I re-cut from Lukas Schepps film to make a music video. I felt that Anita Papp and Weylin Wegner fit the part to accompany Bruce Springsteens sad eyes perfectly. Dimond Flamenco is another Lukas Schepp film I worked on. It was a great project and quite a learning experience in film making in NYC. The details envolved in getting a place to film, finding the actors and guns really opened our eyes to the time needed in making it all work. All the Musicians and Film makers who have inspired freedome of expression and life it self.

read more › Destiny - Head shots are one of the most important part of the film industry. You must capture the persons full personality and emotion in order for the film house to see who they are. Some of my best times in doing photography and film is capturing the spirit of the people I shoot. Its not getting the perfect shot. For me it's capturing the soul of the proformer and all they put into that song. Getting there feeling on film. A perfect shot is fantastic when you get it but, it is about the music and trying to bring that forth on film.

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