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Custom Video Productions For over 40 years, Custom Video Productions, Inc. has been a trusted source of high-quality corporate video helping many of NJ's top companies share their stories. We guide our clients through the production of effective video content that helps turn their goals into business success. Our production services span a few key industries; education, health care, pharma & labs, manufacturing, real estate development, corporate marketing, but can benefit any business, organization or education provider.

Browse our site to see if we can inspire you to take the next step in creating your masterpiece. CVP has been in the creative business since 1978, and we are still only providing one core service, "Video Production". The team at Custom Video Productions did an amazing job producing a series of instructional videos for Rutgers University Business School.

With tight deadlines, they came through time after time delivering high quality work that will be utilized by our students for online learning.

read more › Founded in 1978 to feed the creative urges and technical obsession of the companies owner, Frank Farrell, CVP has grown from a talented teen with a camera into a full grown creative agency. Over the last 4 decades CVP has help craft countless videos and marketing collateral to help our clients tell a better story and reach their target demographic. It all started here in NJ with a curious kid playing in the attic of his parents house who stumbled upon a. We've assembled an allstar team of creative & business professionals who excel at creating powerful marketing videos and imagery.

read more › Each production we take on starts with a detailed discovery meeting & strategy session. This ensures that our team has clarity on exactly what we need to accomplish, what assets and challenges we have to work with, and gives us a chance to identify where the magic in YOUR STORY lies. Once we've established the high level goals we move to the smaller, yet highly important details, such as location scouting, script writing, story boards, scheduling, talent acquisition, permits, and whatever your unique project requires.

read more › Motion graphics convert stationary elements like text and logos, into dynamic moving animations. Done in 2D or 3D, these are animations add a unique component to your video. An entire video (like the one above) can be created with motion graphics or they can be used to enhance the existing content. Charts, facts & figures that usually lack creativity take on a whole new shape and meaning when brought to life with motion graphics. As our audiences become more visual and have shorter attention spans, motion graphics allows us to engage them with videos that, when done correctly, are typically short and exciting to watch.

read more › At CVP, we've become experts with this new element of photography and video production. We have been using drones long before they became affordable to the average consumer, giving us the edge of years of experience flying them. Whether it was for Rutgers University, Monmouth Park Racetrack, or other noteworthy establishments, we have been able to use drone cinematography to expand our perspective. With a variety of drones and roster of licensed Pilots on our team, we are ready to get that shot no one thought was possible.

read more › Custom Video Productions can capture that special moment. Whether it is capturing images of people, places or things, we've got the tools and talent to make them shine. Our photo team can come to your location or we can schedule time in our studio. However, they don't give a honest representation of the brand that you have worked so hard to create. CVP will provide you with creative content that is specifically made for your business. There is a need for fresh content, especially in this digital age where we are managing a website, multiple social media channels and marketing material.

read more › Whiteboard animation is the process of physically drawing and recording a narrative with a whiteboard and marker. Whiteboard animation has no creative limits which allows our artists to create something unique and new for your business. At CVP, we can take your message and produce a fun video for your target audience to enjoy. All we need from you is a little help so we can learn what makes your business special! Whiteboard animation videos are wonderfully versatile and entertaining, which means the possibilities are endless for your video.

read more › In a matter of minutes or seconds, time-lapse videos can show hours, days or even months of footage in one smooth video. Time-lapse video gives your viewers a quick inside look of what makes your business amazing. Show a long, tedious process in one short and sweet video with a time-lapse! We often use time-lapse to show a long process. For example, time-lapse can show the construction of a building and the passage of time while showcasing the value of teamwork throughout the entire production process.

read more › At Custom Video Productions, we have a private studio on premise that can be used for video and photoshoots. Our studio is a full-time quiet, controlled space reserved for shooting. This allows us to offer a space for our clients to quickly and comfortably shoot a professional video with broadcast-quality audio. There's no setup involved. No lighting adjustments. No changing of camera angles. The studio is ready to go when you get here. We can add your script to the teleprompter, or a member of our team can interview you to extract the information we need to create an efficient video for you.

read more › Videos are the most effective form of digital communication. Adults spend more than 5 hours a day watching videos, and much of this content is beyond entertainment. People watch videos to increase their knowledge, remain updated and learn how to do things better. Videos have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and companies are leveraging this medium of communication to achieve various business goals. Explainer video production has proved highly effective in taking any complex procedure or service and streamlining the narrative to make it simple enough for anyone to understand.

read more › For the last several years, online education has maintained steady growth and has grown substantially faster than overall higher education enrollment. Here at Custom Video Productions, we've personally seen a crossover in corporate video production and online educational video production. As technology continues to improve the online educational experience - often through the use of professionally produced video content - these courses are becoming more and more attractive to businesses and students alike.

read more › CVP has been creating high quality videos for over 4 decades and has worked with almost every kind of business you can imagine. CVP has partnered with dozens of Tristate Area business in the Industrial field. We love seeing how things are built, shipped or even melted and transformed into an important part of our economy. Once we understand your business and your needs we will guide you through the entire creative process leaving you with a powerful visual communication tool and a whole lots of impressed customers.

read more › We've helped many of the areas top health care / medical facilities share their stories, faces and in some cases absolute miracles with their core demographic. Some of our clients in the industry include: ImClone, Meridian Health, Alaris Health, Rartain Bay Medical Center, Admera Health, Centra State & Care One to name a few. Whether you need to show the community your new medical technology, make an important announcement or share or share the message of your Brand Story we've got the talent and industry experience to make you stand out.

read more › Over the last 40 years, we've been fortunate to work with some of the industries most reputable pharma companies. Some of our clients in the industry include Lilly, ImClone, Quotient Sciences, Frontage and many more. Whether you need to showcase your facilities, share moving client testimonials, create a trade show video or capture images of your board' of directors we've got the tools, talent, and experience to make you look your best. Whether it is moving picture or stills, our team has you covered.

read more › Real estate is increasingly being sold and bought online. The aim is a less holding period, since a property out in market for months and even weeks may experience a reduction in its sale price, over time. To do that, it is necessary to portray the beauty and features of the property, to potential buyers in an honest way. Professionally captured photos catch the attention of a buyer. Homes or commercial buildings that look good in photos are often the ones that get immediate responses, thereby making the job of an individual, family or an agent easier.

read more › Breathtaking photo & video are the most engaging ways to attract visitors to any tourist destination. Sure social media and web marketing are great channels to gain visibility but without the eye candy they lose their magic. Whether you are promoting a entire region with a robust marketing plan or simply need stunning photos for a cozy bed & breakfast we can help you speak to your core demographic. We have the tools to shoot on land, water and in the air so we can not only showcase your beautiful space but also capture the fin and excitement of the activities and lifestyle you offer.

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