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DiGregorio Productions We love video production and helping companies, agencies and individuals grow their brand and business by using video. Our founder started back in '98 working professionally in video and broadcast television. Staying up to date on the latest trends and technology. In 2015, DiGregorio Productions began to offer full-service video production services to those that need a video produced.

We have worked with companies such as NBC Boston, Mass Mutual, Grove Collaborative, American Cancer Society, Novartis, Tufts University, Boeing and Mineral Tree. Though we are based in Marlborough, MA we work with companies all over the country. For us it's simple: Your focus is your business, your product or your service. Let us handle the video so you can concentrate on your business.

We're here for you. This long history in broadcast television, corporate video, non-profits and agencies has cultivated our expertise in the video production industry perfectly. Customers continue to be satisfied and impressed by our experience and professionalism in the video production industry.

read more › We started DiGregorio Productions with one goal; to help those who need video production services by providing professional videos that achieve the client's goals. Our humble beginnings started back in 1998. Working in corporate video and broadcast television. In 2007, we began working for companies such as Novartis, Millennium and Genentech. Producing as part of another agency. Over six years we worked side by side with V.P.'s of major products producing video for their clientele. In 2015, we launched DiGregorio Productions.

read more › DiGregorio Productions (or Bobby D as I call him and his team) know the video production business inside and out that my company turns to them to take over all aspects of a video shoot: from the videotaping to the graphic look, the cinematic feel, and the editing. Bob's extensive experience over the decades allows him to know the techniques to get a job done but also to be on top of the new technologies and techniques that make a project cutting edge without being overly-priced. In addition, he is just fun to work with.

read more › In today's corporate world using video in marketing and building your brand is expected. We're here to help you use video to grow your business. Let's get the conversation started. Part of building brand awareness is getting in front of you prospects regularly. So you stay "top of mind" when they are looking for your product or service. The "Pitch" does just that, it is a series of short videos where you can introduce your business, promote a product or service, introduce a new service or announce an event.

read more › We have more than a decade of corporate video production experience in Boston, New England and throughout the country our talented team has produced videos for companies, large and small, all over the country. DiGregorio Productions provides complete full service corporate video production services from concept creation and script writing, to 8k production and editing. We even have video marketing services available to promote your corporate video so you can maximize the viewership and reach the goals you set for the video.

read more › The Pitch is a short video where you can introduce your business, promote a product or service, introduce a new service or announce an event. Think of it as your "The Elevator Speech" on video. If you had :30 seconds to tell a prospect about your company- what would you say? That's your pitch. By using short segments we accomplish a few things. First, we focus on one message per video. This captures the viewer's attention and doesn't confuse them with another message, product or service you are offering.

read more › Sometimes you have footage you need edited into shorter segments, an online ad, or just want a better presentation. This is where we can help. Our team of post-production professionals can edit a compelling story from your raw footage complete with motion graphics & music. DiGregorio Productions provides complete full service corporate video post-production services.

read more › There are times when a business needs to promote a product or service to generate interest, likes to your Facebook page, get followers to you blog or continue to build brand awareness. A 90 Second Documentary is perfect way to engage and entertain your viewer. A 90 Second Documentary takes an in depth look into a product, service, announcement or corporate success story to tell the story. Our producers spend quality time with you to identify the real meat of your message and work with you to bring that to life.

read more › DiGregorio Productions embraces the social media revolution. We offer a variety of services for companies that want to use video in their social media marketing. Have video you already shot and need to make a Facebook or Twitter post out of it? No Problem, we can help. Want to promote your business on Facebook? DiGregorio Productions can help you with conceptualizing your idea, shooting your video, editing your video and posting your video. Your one stop shop for social media marketing. We also offer commercial production and management for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter.

read more › An unexpected heart attack almost financially cripples this family from Orlando, Florida. Kathleen & Greg share how Liberty Health Share cut their medical cost from $171,000 down to just over $24,000. Diamond Credit Union share how the implementation of the Vidyo video conferencing system has transformed their business and added tremendous value to their service. The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University asked us to produce this video. It explains the philosophy of the MSIGDH program, its importance and benefits to the students.

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