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Whether in early childhood or advanced in years, we all love a good story, and we all have a story. Every company, product, event, or relationship has a story. When it comes to conveying a message to your audience, video is one of the most effective tools available. Do an Internet search on "the effectiveness of video", and you will discover that an estimated 79% of all online traffic is video related.

Video communicates complex messages quickly and conveys emotion and personality in a way that sticks in our memory. When we recognize the value of video for both commercial and personal purposes, we want to make good use of it. Suitable Media has videographers in Marshfield WI that works with clients to creatively unleash the storytelling power of video.

Even the wide range of use for video is creative; a list of uses is nearly limitless: Marriage Proposal - Resume - Legacy - Insurance - Real Estate - Legal - Surveillance - Event Coverage - Promote a Cause - Raise Awareness - Train - Educate - Entertain - Document - Market - Brand - Etc.

Equipment Sample - Suitable Media's primary camera is the Canon C200. This video is a compilation of footage we filmed within the first weeks of the camera's arrival. The role of Suitable Media in the filming of Henry's Story was guidance and technical support to the Creative Director of this project, the daughter of the owners of Suitable Media. One

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