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When you're looking for a company to handle your New Jersey video production needs, look no further than TeeFour Productions. We're here to help you create a high-quality video presentation for your website, YouTube, Facebook page, or other social media sites. We deliver more than just a polished product. When you work with TeeFour Productions, you deal directly with owner/producer Ted Menzies, who will guide you through every step of the process.

There are no sales people at TeeFour - you'll get your quote from the same person who is helping to write your script, shooting and editing your video, and delivering your final product. We combine our many years of experience with a host of top-notch equipment to make your video turn out great. We have a full portable setup to make filming on location easy and unobtrusive.

That includes a pro light kit, multiple cameras and audio gear, a greenscreen, teleprompter, and a popup still photo studio. Everything we shoot is recorded digitally in high definition, making it easy for the final output to be online, on DVD, or whatever format you choose.

read more › TeeFour Productions is the creation of Ted Menzies, a photographer and video maker with 20 years of experience working for clients both large and small. Early in his career, Ted worked on the team that launched CNN/SI, a joint cable channel from CNN and Sports Illustrated magazine. As the picture editor, his job was to create compelling video essays from the vast archive of Sports Illustrated photography. Additionally, he was charged with creating image-based graphics for video packages across CNN networks.

read more › Editorial video production is a great alternative to the standard sales pitch of a commercial video. When we talk about editorial, try to think of what you might see in a newscast. There is usually an interview subject, some graphics, and sometimes a host to introduce the subject matter. When you are designing video for social media, this kind of informational content is often more pleasing to your audience than a hard sell. Above is a video produced for the Great South Bay series that features the William Floyd Estate national park on Long Island.

read more › Ready to create a YouTube channel? At TeeFour Productions, we can help you every step of the way, from coming up with a great channel concept, to producing the videos, to building the channel itself on YouTube. When attorney Steven Hernandez wanted to create a YouTube channel for his practice, we got together with him to design and create a series of videos that focus on his specialty, DWI defense in New Jersey. Mr. Hernandez wrote a series of short scripts that describe the various legal aspects of DWI charges in the state of New Jersey and demonstrated his expertise in defending these cases.

read more › A good website video can serve many purposes. For visitors to your website, a video introduction can tell them what they need to know about your site, and even make them more comfortable about joining your community or making a purchase. First and foremost, a website video establishes your identity. If your site is a serious, business-minded endeavor, then your video should be very professional. Professional in its tone, graphics, and voiceover. If your site is more hobby-oriented, your website video should have a fun vibe that showcases your personality and your love of the topic.

read more › Creating a viral video is often thought of as the golden chalice of online marketing. When you log onto YouTube and see that gurgling baby with 74 million views, it's temping to think "how can I attract that much attention?" But not all attention is good, and creating a video that gets lots of attention but doesn't achieve your goals is really a marketing failure. Viral video has become so commonplace that it's gotten its own verb form: "Going Viral." The grandaddy of them all is a little gem called "Charlie Bit My Finger."

read more › Professional portrait photography can often conjure up the worst memories - Mom dressing you up in a sharp outfit and dragging you to Sears to sit on a rail in front of a pastoral painting. But not all portraits need to be corny, and not every professional portrait session needs to be painful. When we say professional portrait photography, we don't mean professional in the sense that the photo is paid for. Professional portrait photography should capture who you are as a professional. This is sometimes referred to as an environmental portrait: capturing you in your element, showing what it is that you do best.

read more › Video editing is often an afterthought when planning a corporate video production, but how the final product is assembled is just as important as the visuals. Today's cameras are so sophisticated and easy to use that getting great pictures can look easy (it's not). But even after gathering a selection of terrific footage, it still needs to be put together in a compelling way. The word used in narrative filmmaking is montage, and it simply means a series of images that are cut together to tell a larger story.

read more › The company profile video is the new brochure. There was a time when a few simple printed materials, like a postcard or a catalog were the standard for business communication. But that time has long passed. If your company does not have a video that gives potential customers an overview of your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Social media has revolutionized the way businesses can market themselves. More importantly, it has changed consumer habits. Today, when a potential customer is shopping for goods or services, the first place they turn is online.

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